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Not Music or Storytelling
It's Mineral & Water
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Stop insomnia by following your personalized tips on mineral & hydration on our Sleep Coach App, designed to ease your sleep problems at their roots -- the biological level. Experience the solution for insomnia through our App to get a deeper sleep
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Wonder about Poor Sleep after Healthy Habits?

When you can’t sleep, everything else in life goes into a tailspin. Your physical and mental health deteriorate quickly as stress goes through the roof.

Maybe this has been a longstanding issue, or maybe your sleep issues have come about due to dietary changes and workout/exercise in an effort to be healthier(keto and other low-carb diets commonly cause insomnia).

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d'med Works when You Have Tried all else

Our founder started d’med after struggling with severe insomnia for 7 years. Following daily gym classes and low carb diet, no sleep for 2-3 days or even an entire week at a time became normal.

After sleep music, alcohol, CBD, melatonin, meditation, yoga, special lights, apple cider vinegar and everything you can imagine did not solve the core problem, a long-term sleep aid was finally found.

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How it works?
the Assessment
Our proprietary quiz will determine your best course of action to
improve your sleep, personalized just for you.
Follow Simple Recommendations
Simply follow the app’s hydration and mineral intake plan to restore your body’s nutrition and possible deficiencies.
Record Your
Sleep Quality
Every morning when you wake up, you rate the qualities of your sleep.
Using the apps evolving recommendations, you’ll find more energy, happiness, concentration and a stronger immune system.
No more Blackout
Let's Actualy Fall Asleep

Music, meditation, Xanax, CBD, yoga and special lights are only a bandaid.

They may work tonight, but they will NEVER solve your core problem. Therefore, you’ll end up having to continue taking more and more just to get to sleep.

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Solve Your Sleep Issues at Their Roots

d'med approaches sleep as the physiological process it is and helps you tweak hydration and mineral levels to get the perfect balance for deep, restorative natural sleep.

This is the key difference between d'med and other sleep apps that give sleep music and storytelling.